Cut loose your hectic lives and gofootloose for an experience in the wilderness


Footloose* Holidays Pvt. Ltd is the story of young and free minded travelers who seek pleasure and comfort in travelling for various reasons. Some of us seek inspiration and motivation from nature that provides us strength by rejuvenating our monotonous lives by its peaceful and calm presence while others dare to challenge it in its most dreadful form. Rishikesh holds a special position for people belonging to both of the categories. On one hand being surrounded by shivalik ranges its provides an ideal home to nature lovers and on the other hand, adventures on the high and low rapid of holy Ganges thrills out an individual.


The company manifested itself in the world of adventure travel and hospitality experience through “Camp Footloose” in shivpuri, Rishikesh. The entire team is committed to provide an awe inspiring holiday experience away from soul sapping and hustle bustle of the way, life has become today. Apart from “Camp Footloose”, they also organize trek and trips to exotic locations in Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan region vis-à-vis Kasol, Dharamshala, Leh & Ladakh and Chitkul.

shiva“Camp Footloose” sits beautifully in the lap of nature on the bank of river Heul surrounded by “tresses of Shiva”, the shivalik ranges. These shivalik ridges offer a picturesque view from the camp site. “Camp Footloose” is home to adventurous breathtaking activities like camping, white water rafting, trekking, bush walking, rock climbing, rappelling, bungee jumping, and cliff jumping. Himalayan birds are the first ones to welcome travelers to the camp.

Travelers at “Camp Footloose” simply love spending nights under stars besides the river Heul. Morning fresh mountain air gives them the most rejuvenating experience they had ever felt, thus relieving them from the stressful routine lives. The natural surrounding around the camp ensures peace and freedom for travelers. Most of the travelers come here year after year to feel this lovely experience. From the camp, a small jungle trail meets the river which is a perfect setting for swimming and relaxing.


“Camp Footloose” has 15 canvas tents for accommodation. Camps are well equipped with basic facilities along platform for sports and leisure activities. The camp’s kitchen provides wholesome and fresh Indian/Continental cuisine along with local delicacies.  camp2Tea/coffee/juices are served at regular intervals. It also has a thatched roof hut with coolers dedicated for dining, reading books and enjoying music.

Footloose Holidays Pvt Ltd offers a wide variety of packages for school/colleges and corporate consisting of a mix of adventure sports, leisure and learning activities. Along with these it also arranges for activities like out bound training, conferences, meetings and events, team building activities, summer camps and picnics. river

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