The Foodie’s Paradise…. Rishikesh


Rishikesh- the abode of the gods- though known for its attractiveness for the spirituality dwellers& adventure seekers; is no less attractive for those food cravers like me. This is a place where amidst the natural beauty and the spiritual effervescence, you will find food that is fulfilling to not only the taste buds but the senses & mind. These are some of the hot picks that you should try out whenever you are in Rishikesh.

Devraj Coffee corner

Maple Syrup on Pancakes  Perched above the bridge and looking across  the  river to ShriTrayanbakshwar temple,  this  German bakery is a sublime spot for a break  at  any time of the day. The coffee is  the best  in town  and the menu ranges from specialties  like brown bread with yak  cheese to soups  and sizzlers,  along with the usual croissants  and apple strudel.  There’s  a good new and used bookshop next  door.

 Prices: snacks & mains @ Rs 30- Rs 150

 Opening hours: 8 am- 9 pm

Little Buddha Café

This funky tree-house-style restaurant has an ultra-lounge-type top floor, tables overlooking the Ganga, and really good international food.Pizzas are big and the mixed vegetable platter is a serious feast.veg-pizza_7 It’s one of the busiest places in LakshmanJhula, for good reasons.

Prices: mains @ Rs 60- Rs 140

Opening hours: 8 am- 11 pm

 Oasis restaurant

 At New Bhandari Swiss Cottage, this place has some character, with candlelit tables in the garden and hanging lanterns inside. The menu covers oodles of world cuisines, from Mexican and Thai to Israeli and Tibetan, and features a number of chicken dishes including a delicious chilli chicken. Great desserts include apple crumble.

Prices: mains @ Rs 90- Rs170

Opening hours: 8 am- 10 pm



  fea1There are two open-fronted and fiercely competitive Chotiwalas side by side,  both  serving up ‘thalis’, South Indian food, ice creams and sweet lime sodas.  There’s little to  distinguish between them and they’re easy to spot by the  rotund (but not very jolly)  mascots with the pointy hairdo (a choti) sitting out  the front.

 Prices: meals@ Rs 90- Rs 170, thalis @ Rs 65- Rs 120

 Opening hours: 8 am- 10 pm

Pyramid café

 Sit on cushions inside pyramid-shaped tents and choose from a menu of home-cooked Indian food, plus a few Tibetan and Western dishes including pancakes. The family that runs it is super-friendly and they also rent out a couple of peaceful, well-kept pyramid tents with double bed and attached bath (₹250 and ₹500).

Prices: mains@ Rs60- Rs95

Opening hours: 8.30 am- 10 pm

North Indian Thali

Maa cozy

At Maa Cozy, Persian rugs and cushions on the floor go some way to giving this modern 1st-floor place an Arabian feel. The specialty is the shisha pipes (from Rs130), with fruit-, mint- or cola-flavored tobacco. Good coffee and smoothies.

Prices: mains@ Rs30- Rs110

Opening hours: 8am- 10 pm

Baked-Curved-Croissant-Torn-015Madras Café

 This local institution dishes up tasty South and North Indian vegetarian food,  thalis, a mean mushroom curry, whole-wheat pancakes and the intriguing  Himalayan ‘health pilau’ , as well as super-thick lassis.

 Prices: mains@ Rs80- Rs120

 Opening hours: 8 am- 10 pm

 Green Italian restaurant

 Wood-fired veg pizzas and imported pastas including gnocchi and cannelloni keep the customers coming back to this spotless, glass-fronted restaurant in the heart of ‘Swarg’.

Prices: mains@ Rs40- Rs110Crepe_Sweet

Opening hours: 8 am- 10 pm

 Ganga beach restaurant

 It has great riverside locationwith a spacious terrace and big menu including crepes and ice-cold lassis.

Prices: mains@ Rs 80- Rs140

Opening hours: 6.30am- 11 pm

                                                                        Lucky restaurant

strawberry_lassi2_425 An awesome riverside garden shaded by a huge tree and a cushioned area.

 Prices: mains@ Rs 20- Rs80

 Opening hours: 6.30 am- 11 pm

 So visit Rishikesh to devour this food heaven without lightening your pocket too much in nature’s  cozy cradle.



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