The Mecca of Adventure Sports – Rishikesh


                                                      “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Rishikesh offers the adventurers the plethora of exciting activities. A few of them are listed below –ccf2bf7551bcd2ac7d1ad7fc4864997a

River Rafting –

Moving across the unstable rapids will get your adrenalin pumping and will undoubtedly make your rafting experience a memorable one. Rishikesh draws thousands of travelers every year from different parts of the globe and renders them with a fantastic opportunity to raft down the River Ganges. It’s the most thrilling experience – rafting amid the Rocky Mountains with the feeling of enjoyment and freshness in the surrounding of natural woods.


Cliff Jumping


The experience of diving in the salubrious climate from maximum altitude will give you spine-chilling goose bumps. One has to be physically and mentally strong to embark on this thrill as it involves diving from a height of 35 feet. However adventure lover can further increase this altitude to their fortitude and endurance. You are certainly going to remember this experience for many years to come.




It can be relished by all those who have the strength to dare the    cliffs. All major equipments will be provided to the climbers which  generally include gloves, harness, slings, ropes and helmet. You  can be certain of secure and exciting experience of Rappelling  under the guidance of experts.




Camping brings the opportunity of staying amid the emerald beauty and tranquility of nature. Moreover, the visitors can relish impeccable service and lots of fun-filled activities along the side of sparkling blue water.


The River Ganges tenders a number of superb rapids to commence on a Kayaking expedition. One can select a rapid according to his/her strength and physical stamina. The equipments you will require includes life jacket, kayak boat, helmet and a paddle.


 Bungee Jumping


It is the most challenging activity for all those who live life without fear. One has to dive from an altitude of about 120 to 160 ft. After the jump, one can relish capturing pictures of beautiful surroundings on the camera. The jumpers also get dare to jump certificates which one must not forget to collect before leaving.


Experience another very famous activity known as Swing. It   is  carried out from bungee site from a height of 83 meters.  One  needs great strength to do it, but the experience is  thrilling and  elating. Travelers can also purchase the t-shirt  printed with  pictures of the giant Swing.



Flying Fox


 If you wish to fly, Flying Fox is the  right sports for you. Generally its  in group of three but one can also  do it alone by paying extra. It is  indeed a blend of adventure and  excitement that travelers must  attempt on their Rishikesh Tour.

Mountain Biking

About 8 miles from the beautiful city of Rishikesh lies Mohan chatty where you can  experience the  Mountain Biking. You can go pedaling  through the scenic and charming scenery that will  certainly take your breath away and provide you with wholesome experience to treasure for lifelong.


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