About Us

Team Footloose being avid traveler themselves wish to promote adventure travel , bring out to world several unexplored destinations and assisting local population in these locations to earn a living.

We envisage a relationship with our customers based on the principle of internalizing an enriching & rejuvenating dream holiday experience. Careful planning, great importance towards customer safety, a sense of gushing enthusiasm and love for nature are the main motifs that drive us. The team of expert instructors and guides are dedicated to provide you an adrenaline-charged adventure trip set amidst the lap of nature in Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan region.

Contact Us:

Phone: +91 – 8585911349
Phone: +91 – 9411970497
Phone: +91 – 8486842663
Phone: +91 – 9958789496

For more information reach us at
Footloose Holidays


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